Feedback from awardees of the SIAMG-Genzyme Fellowship in Prenatal Genetics        
Sr No Name and Photograph Qualifications & Current Job Fellowship Period Centre of training Comments about utility in the clinical practice Future Plans
1 Sravanthi patlolla

MBBS MS DNB (OBS-GYN) Fellowship in obstetric ultrasound.
Fetal Medicine specialist in Spashta Diagnostics

16th April 2021 to 15th July 2021

Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences Hyderabad I learnt about following concepts during my prenatal fellowship in Genetics,NIMS Hyderabad
1.Evaluation of intermediate-risk in double marker screening
2.Evaluation of genetic disorders in the proband and prediction of recurrent risk in next pregnancy
3.Correlation of ultrasound findings, autopsy findings, and Genetic test reports
4.How to send samples for Fetal Autopsy?
5.Genetic tests: types of genetic tests, cost, turnaround time, limitations, and interpretation.
6.Evaluation of consanguineous couples through common carrier screening and extended carrier screening.
7.History, Pedigree chart, examination in genetic disorders
8.Art of Genetic Counseling
9.Order of Genetic testing to be done and their interpretation
10.Observed more than a hundred prenatal invasive testing procedures (Amniocentesis and CVS).
11.Experience gained in seeing cases of storage disorders, inborn errors of metabolism, hereditary cancer syndromes & Global developmental delay.
12.Evaluation of the fetus on abnormal ultrasound findings through various genetic tests.
I am extremely thankful and grateful to the selection committee for the Genzyme-SIANG (Society for Indian Academy of Medical Genetics) fellowship in prenatal Genetics
I am extremely thankful and grateful to Dr.Pragyna Mam and Dr Shagun Mam for this wonderful opportunity to learn about prenatal genetics.
I recommend this course for every Fetal Medicine Specialist.

To practice fetal medicine and incorporate my experience in learning genetics wherever necessary in day to day clinical practice.

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